…kinda like me…


I’ve put together a reel showing some of the footage I’ve accumulated so far for my proposed thesis film.  Everything is tentative, but aesthetically it’s where I’m headed.  You can find it underneath the “Thesis” section of the website’s menu.

3 thoughts on “…kinda like me…”

  1. Aaaah, the “Norman” guitar. This guitar has the most wonderful moments I can recall.
    Tony and I went to purchased his first real guitar on St. joseph boulevard in Hull.
    We walked to the music store and Norman guitars has just been in the market
    at that time.
    He paid $200+ for it. And now (today) “Norman” guitars are worth triple the price.
    (A excellent choice me made).
    He wasn’t sure what he was buying but he did loved and enjoyed his guitar so
    much with no regrets.
    This guitar was “Priceless” to me and certain friends. Now god knows where the guitar is.

    1. Oops! A correct of action.
      Made a typing mistake on “me make”, when it suppose to be “An excellent choice he made”. Sorry.

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